Top Breakfast Kitchen Tools to use

Top Breakfast Kitchen Tools for a delicious breakfast. 

Photo by Andrea Niosi on Unsplash
Throw in your favorite fruits, milk and crush those ice to start making that delicious smoothies with your blender. Smoothies are easy-to-go breakfast for those who opt for a refreshing and healthy breakfast drink in the morning. Moreover, you can even use the blender to whipped your eggs for omelettes or scrambled eggs with the blender to get a fluffier texture. 
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2. Air Fryer

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Toast your bread and topped it with tomatoes, olives, onions , and cheese. Put them in the air fryer for around 7 mins under 180c. There you go, bread pizza for breakfast. Air fryers are extremely convenient to use, it not only helps shorten your frying or baking time, but it's also have lesser mess to clean up. And there's so many recipe that can be done with an Air fryer from healthier version of French Fries to even pancakes! Yes you heard that right. So feel free to experiment more recipes.

3. Waffle Maker

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Missing out your brunch date with friends at your favorite cafes during the pandemic? Recreate your own cafe theme brunch at home with your family instead. Now even at home, you can make waffles or waffle shaped sandwich just with a waffle maker at home. 

4. Cupcake Maker

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Do you know other than just cupcakes, you can do omelette or pancake with this cupcake maker! This cupcake maker mould will help make cute and mini omelette or pancake that makes a perfect breakfasts for kids and family. 

5. Food Chopper

Speaking about omelettes, it can be too troublesome and tiring of having too much vegetables to cut especially in the morning. But fear no more, everyone now chop and cut their tomatoes, garlic, onions and carrots with a food chopper, which you can do it too! Less time consumed and speed up your whole cooking process especially for busy individuals in the morning.